'Where I want to be' - meet Margaret Gibson

Once Margaret Gibson decided it was time to downsize and move from her Melbourne home of 51 years, she started looking at retirement villages. She saw eleven before she discovered The Elms.

“The day I came here with my two sons I stood in the display home and said this is where I want to be”, said Margaret. “I moved in mid April and am extremely happy. Of course it was a huge wrench and I am still adjusting but it certainly was the right decision.”

Kilmore was a big attraction for Margaret because she has family at nearby Broadford and now her three beloved grand-daughters visit frequently. “It is lovely that I can share what I have here with them. All the little ones want to do is go swimming in the heated pool. They absolutely love coming here. It is very much a family oriented village. I have left a son in Melbourne and a grand-daughter but they were up here for lunch last week.”

Melbourne is only a 40 minute train trip away from Kilmore. “I went to the city yesterday to meet old school friends for lunch”, said Margaret. “We shopped until we dropped and I came home exhausted!”

“There’s such a great community spirit here at The Elms and we have our wonderful Green Team. You only have to ask for something to be done and someone puts their hand up. I have had major spinal surgery and needed help to hang my pictures and mirrors. I asked the Green Team and it was done.”

“At night when you get into bed and the lights are out it’s like you are the only one here. In the morning all you hear are the birds singing – no city traffic, no trains rumbling, no planes flying overhead. It is so peaceful.

“I am really enjoying turning my new house into a home and a beautifully appointed one it is too.”

~ Magaret Gibson