Your Elms Retirement Estate Questions Answered

Thank you for your consideration of The Elms Retirement Estate.

It is our pleasure to welcome you to our community and to have the opportunity to show you around The Elms. We welcome your questions and encourage you to ask Fran our Sales Advisor or myself as Company Director for further explanation.

If possible we are also happy to introduce you to some of our residents so you can hear direct what it is like to live at The Elms Retirement Estate.

We understand the importance of this move and know that you will have many questions to ask.

This guide contains a summary of the more important information that you will need to know. While you will find it informative, these questions are only intended as a guide and not as a substitute for your legal agreements which we will prepare when you decide to take the next steps.

For more information on financial obligations or any further queries please contact Fran on 03 5734 2800 or complete our enquiry form here.

Ben Martens - Director


    Where is The Elms Retirement Estate?

    The Elms Retirement Estate is a Retirement Village for over 55s set on approximately 20 acres just 61 kilometres north of Melbourne at the base of the Great Dividing Range. Nestled in beautiful Kilmore, one of Victoria’s oldest inland towns, The Elms provides access to an historic township with a busy commercial centre, wineries and flora and fauna reserves.

    What age do I need to be to live at The Elms?

    The age of our residents range from age 55 onwards. Whilst many of our residents are fully retired, others are still actively employed.

    What are the benefits of becoming a resident of The Elms?

    There are many personal and practical reasons why you should consider becoming part of The Elms family:

    • Release from the burden of maintaining a larger home, with the freedom to pursue your own lifestyle, travel, holidays etc
    • Living in a friendly, safe and secure community while still retaining your independent lifestyle
    • Enjoying a wide range of leisure amenities and activities with transport available including the village bus for shopping trips and outings
    • The assistance of caring staff, with 24 hour emergency support at the press of a button
    • Professional—yet personal management and administration
    • Protection of your rights under the Retirement Villages Act 1986 Victoria
    • Architecturally designed accommodation
    • Generous-sized homes with plenty of storage 
    • No stamp duty, GST or other hidden costs.

    What are the maintenance fees and what do they cover?

    Every month we collect a Service Maintenance Fee. This fee is collected electronically as a direct debit on the first working day of every month.

    The Service Maintenance Fee covers the following:

    • All repairs and maintenance of the common property and the exterior of your villa/apartment
    • Maintenance of all common area lawns and gardens 
    • Maintenance of the Country Club facilities, including pool, spa, gymnasium and lifts
    • Cleaning and lighting of village facilities
    • Emergency call system operation and monitoring
    • Garbage and waste disposal from common property
    • Rates and taxes in respect of common property
    • Building insurance for your villa/apartment, the Country Club and communal facilities, public liability and workers compensation insurance, etc. but excluding insurance of your own contents, which you must separately cover yourself
    • Salaries and leave entitlements for the on-site staff
    • Management and administration expenses
    • All other costs incurred in operating the village.

    The budgeted Service Maintenance Fee 1/7/17 to 30/6/18 $346.30 per month ($79.91 per week). This fee is collected by direct debit on a monthly basis and is per villa or per apartment. The budget presented to the Residents for the current financial year is available upon request.


    What other costs will I pay when living at The Elms?

    You will be responsible for your normal living expenses and utilities costs (such as power/gas and telephone), plus Council and water rates for your villa or apartment and, if you require it, insurance of your contents. Each resident is also responsible for day to day maintenance of their villa or apartment and rear garden.

    In order to provide you with 24 hour emergency call support, it is essential that you connect your telephone to our PABX system and ensure that the telephone service is maintained to your residence at all times.

    Can I make any changes to my villa/apartment?

    Alterations to your residence may only be made after obtaining written approval from the Village Manager. However, it’s important to remember that if alterations are made, it may be necessary to return your villa or apartment to its original condition at your cost at the end of your lease. This might occur, for instance, if the changes are of a nature that impedes the resale of the lease at the best possible price.

    May I bring a pet to The Elms?

    We are a pet-friendly retirement Village; however for the peaceful occupancy of all residents, acceptance of pets is subject to approval by the village owner. In most cases, depending upon the type and size of your pet, you will be able to bring one pet into the village with you. However, we will not be able to accept your pet if you wish to reside in an apartment.

    Naturally, pets must be controlled and dogs must be on a leash at all times not left to wander the village or create any nuisance to other residents. Our Sales Advisor will be able to provide you with more information on requirements applicable to pets in the village, one of which is that pets may not be replaced.

    May I have guests?

    Yes, of course! Your guests or your children and grandchildren are very welcome at The Elms and, provided they are in your company, may make use of the village grounds and facilities or participate in activities. They may stay with you overnight or for periods of up to four weeks, provided you are also at home and have advised the Village Manager. Longer stays may also be arranged, subject to obtaining permission from the Village Manager.

    What happens if I need to leave the Village temporarily?

    One of the many benefits of life at The Elms is peace of mind knowing that your home is in good hands should you choose to go on holidays or need to be away for a while – for instance, in hospital. Your monthly maintenance fee will, of course, be payable during your absence.

    To prevent unnecessary concern for your welfare, we ask that you advise the Village Manager if you intend or are likely to be absent from The Elms for more than 24 hours. While you are away, the Village Manager will watch over your home as best as possible and any external maintenance will be done, but suitable arrangements for the care of your pet must be made prior to your departure.

    What happens if I need care or assistance?

    Mitchell Shire provides Home Care Packages to eligible residents. These services are provided in your own home and tailored to your individual needs. Please do not hesitate to ask our Village Manager for more information regarding these services. As the village grows it is anticipated that care packages will be available through the village management.