Thank You - from residents Doug & Mavis Haynes

Our Story - a poem by Doug and Mavis Haynes, residents of The Elms.

We moved into the Village in December, and everything has gone well. And, just like most residents we know, we have a story to tell.

Ours began when our Warrnambool home was sold, in a matter of days. It was October, and hadn't even been put on the market at that stage.


Fran had said our Unit would be available in February sometime. It looked like three months in the caravan, but that to us was fine.

We spend three months every winter in Queensland, in the van. So live in Kilmore Caravan Park for months, can we, yes we can.


When Ben heard our news, he arranged for a new completion date. He said it was December 17, and his estimation was not a day late.

His co-operation was wonderful and was appreciated very much. And the removalist was able to fit us in before the Christmas rush.


Now we have been here three months, and everything is fine. The residents are very friendly, and always ever so kind.

Bowling on the Kelvin Kerkow Green, has been a lot of fun. Plus meeting for a cuppa afterwards, when the bowling is done. 


We have the greenest lawn in Kilmore, that's our claim anyway.  Peter and Jamie seem to agree, although with some dismay.

Their co-operation is appreciated, for nothing seems a bother. This doesn't go unnoticed, because if it's not one, it's the other.


We are enjoying the facilities provided, using them a good deal. The pool, bowling, social functions, and Jason's monthly meal.

We have a lovely new unit, a small garden, plus a story to tell. So we want to say thanks again to Ben, Fran and Janice as well.