The Elms' newest residents

The Elms’ newest residents, Kevin and Mary McLaughlin, kept putting off the decision to leave their large family home. Kevin had developed health problems and it was getting harder for him to look after the half hectare of garden.

“We have six children and 16 grandchildren”, said Mary, “But they are scattered all over the country and besides they have their own lives. We wanted to remain independent”.

Mary was keen on the idea of downsizing to The Elms; Kevin wasn’t. “It took a lot of hard talking to convince him” said Mary. But once he was happy with the idea it was Mary’s turn to get cold feet. “It had taken me so long to convince him to come that when he finally said yes I changed my mind”.

But we can report that both the McLaughlins are now happy to be living at The Elms!

Because Kevin and Mary have been residents of Kilmore for 28 years they haven’t had to change anything else in their life. “The only difference is when we come into Kilmore we turn right instead of left – that’s all”, laughed Mary.

Before they moved in Kevin and Mary were invited to The Elms Grandparents Day and took one of their grandsons along with them. Mary said the family was impressed with the place and their daughter would have been happy to move in herself! Their grandson is dying for warmer weather so he can use the pool.

Mary said Kevin has really been missing male company. “We were like Darby and Joan in our old home since Kevin has had to stop playing golf”. Now Kevin is looking forward to a game or two of billiards instead.

When Mary’s family asked if she wanted to visit their old home for the last time before the new owners moved in, her answer was a definite “No!” She was happy with her new home.