Bowls Day

  • Bowls day - Now an Ongoing Tradition called the ElmsBridge Cup
    The Elms v Kilmore Bowls Club
    (we don’t need to mention who won)            
    Fantastic afternoon tea, catered for by residents and held in the pavilion.
    30 approx bowlers played
    Dozen spectators
    Some of the comments from residents were:-
    It was a great day and a great game
  • It was a really good experience for the social bowlers
  • The game was played with a lot of comradeship
  • I had the best day ever – teams got on really well and every one was so friendly

The resident that organized the day had two calls after the event thanking The Elms for holding such a wonderful day.

The north central review popped down and took a photo, so we might see something in the paper next week.