Lynne and Joe

Dear Janice,

Would you please pass on to EVERYONE concerned our sincere thanks for the bestest ever day last Saturday.  There must have been so much work and organising to do and, as usual, it was excellent – you must have a direct line to Him upstairs – the weather was perfect.  Nice recovery Ben, when you said Carol was the life of the party and your very quick retort to my pout!!  Well done, you are back in my good books.  Have to comment on the willingness of your family to serve us oldies – no sign of a sigh and what are we doing here etc – they were charming.  We had a lovely day as did everyone we spoke with.

Joe and I count ourselves so lucky to have moved to The Elms – should have done it earlier but couldn’t have chosen a better home.


Lynne & Joe (& Charlie Cat of course) xx